Phone: Roaming charges vary between carriers, and can be costly. Contact your phone provider prior to departure to discuss overseas rates and international package options. It may also be possible to purchase a SIM card locally to avoid international charges when calling numbers within the country you are visiting. (You should check to see that your cell phone is SIM card compatible.)

Calling overseas: To make a direct-dialed call (billed directly to the phone from which the call originates) dial: 011 + Country Code + City or Area Code + Local Number

Internet: Tourcan Vacations has no control over Wi-fi and internet service provided as it is at the discretion of each establishment. Please check with your Destination Expert before travel if you’d like to know internet set up for each establishment where you will be staying or contact them directly so you are aware of their internet policy. You may also wish to contact your internet provider prior to travel to arrange a roaming package.

Passports: Check with respective authorities before departure. Note Entry/Exit Requirements for Country you will be travelling to. The traveler is responsible for ensuring that his/her passport is up-to-date.

Ensure that the name on your passport matches all travel documents that Tourcan Vacations Issues. Please contact us immediately if you notice a discrepancy. Passports must have at least one blank page for entry stamp; this does not include the endorsement page at the back.

Prior to leaving for your trip make a photocopy of your passport’s identification page and keep it separate from your original during your trip. Also it is a good idea to leave a digital copy with someone at home. This may speed up replacement process if you should lose your passport.

  Visas: Visa requirements change often; therefore it is best to check with the (Country Name) Embassy for the most up-to-date visa information. A great resource for information on visas please visit:

Vaccinations: It is highly recommend that you see a doctor or healthcare provider who specializes in Travel Medicine, to best determine your vaccination and medication needs based on your health and immunization history. Discuss areas of the country you will be visiting, any planned activities and up-to-date requirement changes.

Please also refer to the Center for Disease Control website

Medication: The traveler is responsible for his or her own personal safety. Be prepared. Do not expect medical services to be the same as in Canada.

Before your departure: discuss the use of medications with your health care provider. Carefully follow the directions for use, including dosage and when to seek medical care. Bring more than enough medication to last your entire trip.

Prescription medications for legitimate health conditions may come under intense scrutiny by foreign officials. It is always best to contact the foreign government offices accredited to Canada of the country you plan to visit to confirm the status of your medication.

Any medical items essential to your health, such as prescription drugs or corrective eye wear, it is strongly suggested to have duplicates and divide them between your checked bags and hand luggage. Please also note what airlines regulations for storage of your prescription drugs.

Pack a travel health kit, especially if you will be travelling away from any major city centre. For an example check out the Government of Canada Travel and Tourism Site:

For more detailed travel information: Advisories, Security, Entry/Exit Requirements, Health, Laws & Culture, Natural Disasters & Climate and Assistance check out the Government of Canada Travel and Tourism site:

Insurance: We highly recommend Cancellation and Medical Insurance to safeguard against expenses associated with medical emergencies, lost or delayed baggage, emergency cancellation or any interruption to your trip. Please ensure your policy provides you with upfront medical coverage so that you are not responsible for a hefty doctor’s bill while away. Book travel insurance online through this link: Book Travel Insurance

Contact Tourcan Vacations for more information: 1 800 263 2995 / 416 391 0334 or e-mail us at:

Note: The information contained is for general information purposes only. While we endeavour to keep the information up to date and correct, we make no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, about the completeness, accuracy, reliability, suitability or availability of this content.